AA Goldens
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AA Goldens
AA Goldens is dedicated to maintaining the elegance associated with the Golden Retriever. Our goal is to advance and promote the Golden Retriever through responsible breeding, owner education and through our involvement with the breeding process.

We have no litters due at this time.  Please check back for further updates.  

References are available upon request.


AA Goldens is owned and operated by Kari Barcome of Safety Harbor, Florida.  AA Goldens has recently moved from Maryland to Safety Harbor, Florida a stones throw (or in our case a balls throw) from Tampa Bay.  AA Goldens has been raising and breeding Golden Retrievers since 2002.  An important element in our breeding process is the calm temperament of our dogs.  We are a smaller breeding program that allows us to raise our dogs in a family environment.  All breeding is done with Goldens who have been tested and certified for hips, heart and eyes.


Before selling any puppy we personally meet with every prospective buyer.  This way we can ensure that the buyers fully understand the characteristics of the breed they are choosing, the dog’s need for companionship and exercise.  Also, that they are making a lifelong commitment to a dog with a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years.


Kari is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America.

For information about our Goldens contact Kari at 727-400-4053 or kari@aagoldens.com
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